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Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

  • Teachers are to have a classroom discipline policy that is communicated to parents and students. The discipline policy is shared with parents in August (discuss at Back to School and sent home to parents who did not attend Back to School) and with students (first two weeks of school).
  • Teachers are to communicate with parents first for Level 1 and 2 Behaviors (in person, notes, over-the-phone).
  • Teachers are to document level 1 and 2 behaviors using the Student Behavior Log.
  • Level 3 behaviors referrals are sent to the office.

Student Behavior Management

Office Referrals – What constitutes an office referral?

Level 1: Verbal Warning – No Referral – No OfficeLevel 2: Student Behavior Log – No OfficeLevel 3:
Referral – Send to Office
Minor misbehaviors that can be adequately corrected at the time they occur and which do not require documentation. A staff member observing a Level 1 infraction corrects the student at the time, in the setting.  No Student Referral is needed.
Misbehaviors that, while not requiring immediate administrative involvement, do require documentation.  A staff member observing a Level 2 infraction corrects the student at the time, assigns a correction, and completes a Student Behavior Log. Serious misbehaviors that require immediate administrative involvement (Office Referral) and written documentation. A staff member observing a Level 3 infraction sends the student to the office or calls for help and completes a Student Referral that goes to the office. 
Strategies for correcting behavior:One liner “Please respect Vinland” policy of….”CHAMPS ProceduresPractice the correct behaviorAppropriate apologyPositively interact with studentsProactive parent contactDaily Behavior Plan Report/ChartWeekly Behavior/Work LogStrategies for correcting behavior:Move a level on class behavior systemCHAMPS ProceduresParent contactOwe timeAppropriate apologyRestrict activity *Student Study Team (if appropriate)Refer for Social Skills Possible consequences for Level 3 infractions:Loss of PrivilegeCounseling with adminParent/Teacher/Admin conferenceSST/Level 1 Behavior PlanTransitionSuspensionMDT ReferralExpulsion
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